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Ageing of the face is inevitable. Heredity, personal habits, the pull of gravity, and sun exposure contribute to the ageing of the face. As the ageing population grows, it is obvious why rhytidectomy, or a facelift, has become the third most desired facial cosmetic surgical procedure.  The aim of Face lift surgery is to reduce the signs of ageing by improvising the contours of the face and neck.  An individual strategy is created for each client.


At Tim Brown Plastic Surgery, Mr Tim Brown's approach the aging face in a holistic manner. There are three aspects he addresses in every patient:


1.   Sagging skin


2.   Volume restoration


3.   Skin care

By analysing where volume has been lost and gravity has caused pulling or sagging, our surgeons can correct the aging face by replacing volume and gently pulling specific areas. Our physicians are also strong proponents of excellent skin care in combination with surgery to treat the aging face.


Is a Face lift for You?


Face lifts address one of the three major aspects of the ageing faces; sagging skin. The goal of a face lift is to raise the excess skin from the face to diminish wrinkling and sagging in the face and neck. Some fat may be removed and underlying muscles and connective tissue are tightened.


Volume restoration has been found to dramatically improve our results. Injectable fillers may be used, or fat may be transferred from other places on the body.


Important factors to be discussed with your surgeon include:

  • Skin type
  • Ethnic background
  • Degree of skin elasticity
  • Individual healing rate
  • History of previous surgeries
  • Realistic expectations for surgery

Mr Tim Brown will also discuss having a realistic attitude about the results of a face lift with you. A face lift cannot stop aging, nor can it literally turn back the clock. What it can do is help your face look its best and give you a healthy look and a more youthful appearance. A side benefit is that many patients experience increased self-confidence.

Before deciding on a facelift, you should discuss with Mr Tim Brown whether the overall effect will be more successful if additional changes are made in other parts of the face. Many patients get additional procedures performed at the same time as a facelift. The most common procedures are brow lift and eyelids.



Some people may choose to have a mini-facelift. The “mini lift” is a procedure that is presented under a variety of names. A version of a facelift, the area of tissue dissection is kept to a minimum. Not every patient is a good candidate for a mini lift. However, some patients gain quite a bit of rejuvenation from a short incision and limited dissection.

The advantages are reduced healing time, with less bruising and swelling. Some patients can even have this performed without general anesthesia, in the office procedure room. Your physician can advise you on whether this procedure is right for you.


Making the Decision for a Face lift

What you should expect:


1.   During the preliminary consultation, Mr Tim Brown will take a thorough medical history, as well as assess your mental and emotional attitudes toward the surgery. Because a realistic attitude is crucial to the success of the surgery, the surgical procedure and realistic expectations will be discussed.


2.   Mr Brown will examine the structure of your face, skin texture, colour, and elasticity.


3.   Photographs will be taken so Mr Tim Brown can study your face.


4.   Individual risks will also be examined, especially those related to medical situations such as high blood pressure, a tendency to scar, smoking, and any deficiency in blood clotting.


5.   After the decision to proceed with a face lift is made jointly by you and Mr Tim Brown, he and his staff will describe:


a.    The technique indicated
b.    Type of anesthesia recommended
c.    The surgical facility
d.    Any additional surgery
e.    Possible complications
f.     Costs of the procedure


What to Expect After Face lift Surgery


 Note:  These are general guidelines. Please ask your Mr Brown to fully explain what your expectations should be post-surgery.


 1.   Even though most patients experience very little pain after surgery, Mr Tim Brown will still prescribe medication.


 2.   Some degree of swelling and bruising is unavoidable, and Mr Tim Brown may instruct you to use cold compresses to keep swelling to a minimum.


 3.   If a dressing has been applied, it will be removed within one or two days.


 4.   Mr Brown will also instruct you to keep your head elevated when lying down, avoid as much activity as possible, and report any undue discomfort. Though there are few risks in face lift surgery and thousands are performed every year, some risk exists in any surgery.


 5.   In some cases, a drainage tube may have been inserted during surgery. This will be removed on the first or second day after surgery.


 6.   All sutures and staples are usually removed within five to 10 days following surgery. Mr Brown generally recommends that patients avoid vigorous activity for a few weeks after surgery.


 7.   Patients should prearrange for post-surgery support from family and friends.


Before and after photos


At Mr Tim Browns rooms our patients privacy is paramount.  We are currently auditing our photos in compliance with the new rules set by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgery.  While we work on this, before and after photos can be viewed at your appointment with Mr Brown or during a complimentary consultation with our nurse educators.


What to bring to your surgeon consultation


If you are going to bring a friend or relative to help discuss the information and your choices, make sure that they are supportive.  Sometimes they will take in information that you may miss, and it is always nice to have a friendly face there to help you with your choices.


Write down questions you may have for Mr Brown. We understand that we can all be a little “shell shocked” in the consultation, so it is nice to refer to your questions.


You will need to undress for a consultation with Mr Brown with some procedures and the staff if you would like to proceed with the procedure.  Mr Brown performs a lot of tests, which support his huge amount of research, and you will be required to take part, and photographs need to be taken before every procedure.


Like more information before scheduling an appointment?


Request more information about the procedure – call our rooms on 03 8768 5000 or contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and speak to our caring staff.


Book a Nurse Patient Advisor Consultation (Complimentary)


Organise a phone call with Patient Advisor (Complimentary)


A Referral from your GP or specialist is helpful but NOT essential – you can have a consultation without a GP Referral


Book a consultation with Mr Tim Brown by paying the $50.00 booking fee which is then deducted off your


Speak with a past patient that has had the procedure by phoning us or via email.




















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